Vulnerability Management

Prioritize Patch Management

60% of cyber breaches target known, unpatched vulnerabilities. Prompt patch application is a critical component of a robust security program. Bright Defense’s Vulnerability Management Program improves your cybersecurity posture and protects you from threats.


Bright Defense’s Vulnerability Management Program includes:

Regular Vulnerability Scans

Risk Analysis

Patch Management Prioritization

Reporting and Compliance Tracking

Continuous Monitoring and Updates

Regular Vulnerability Scans

Automated scanning of internal, external, and cloud assets to identify vulnerabilities.

Risk Analysis

Assessing and prioritizing vulnerabilities based on potential impact and exploitability.

Patch Management Prioritization

CVE scoring based on CVSS for prioritization of patches.

Reporting and Compliance Tracking

Detailed reports on vulnerabilities and compliance with relevant cybersecurity standards (SOC2, HIPAA, NIST, CIS).

Continuous Monitoring and Updates

Ongoing surveillance for new threats and vulnerabilities, with regular updates to the security posture.

Key Features

Asset Discovery

Streamline asset identification and monitoring, including all domains, sub-domains, cloud, and on-premises assets.

Expose Exploits

Automate exploit detection and classification, filter out false positives, link exploits to their CVE IDs, and grade exploit severity automatically.

Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous, round-the-clock scanning for vulnerabilities with alerts for new threats and monitoring of cybersecurity health.

Multi-tier Visibility

Hierarchical organization of assets, user-specific asset access, and comprehensive dashboard views
of all environments and distinct groups.

Organizational Teams

Create specialized teams, manage user roles, establish permission-based structures, and track team productivity.

Actionable Reporting

Produce stakeholder reports in NIST-compliant formats, with options for on-demand or scheduled reporting and notifications.

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